tonight I saw the most beautiful thing
I had just finished a 3 hour acting class at 9:30 pm and was feeling extremely worse for wear
as my bus made it’s way through the city, it stopped to make up time as it was running early and I saw a man with two huge bags in his hands. the bags were full of food, clothes, blankets and pillows and he stopped by a group of homeless people sitting outside a hostel asking for accommodation.
he opened the bags and let them choose what they wanted.
what a beautiful man.
really made me realise there are some genuinely nice people in this world who will go out of their way to do something for someone else.
I’ll strive to be like that.

I’m not proud of the shit I’ve done, but I’m proud of the distance I’ve come

Anonymous:  Good work, Proud of you! Keep going dude!

thank you so much:)

Anonymous:  Clean of what hun?

self harm